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Sortimo Racking and Flooring

Sortimo Racking and Flooring As the leading supplier of in-vehicle equipment we as an agent feel a special responsibility to offer the best products and service to our clients.  Globelyst is the revolutionary third generation van racking equipment, which uses an aluminium Space-Frame technique that offers a weight saving system with greater flexibility and variety.

Drawers, service cases, shelves can be combined individually into one unit and in different measurements to accurately fit all on site vehicles.  Wheel arches can be easily bridged by this flexible system.                                   
The vast numbers of combination possibilities mean that every part of the load area of your vehicle can be efficiently equipped.  All this with our weight-saving design means a larger payload for your operation.

Pre-Assembled Modular Racks

Pre-Assembled Modular Racks It is often difficult to separate the tradesman from the individual and so we offer pre-assembled Blocks which can be quickly and easily installed into your vehicle. Safe installation is ensured by using the Soboflex® safety floor as the support insert for the chosen Blocks. Fixing materials for the floor insert and the vehicle side stanchions enable a high standard of installation quality to be achieved, which results in a vehicle equipped to the high standards you set yourself and your business.

We offer a large range of varied standard preassembled Blocks. Carefully choose Blocks which you know will best suit your application or Trade needs in order to obtain the ideal solution for your vehicle.

If you do not wish to undertake the installation yourself – this is no problem, as we can offer a nationwide fitting service to ensure your satisfaction at a very reasonable cost.

Sabogrip flooring

Sabogrip flooring

  • 9 mm thick protection
  • Cut-to-size floors for all current models
  • Studded finish
  • Highly resistant to cracking and shock loads
  • Abrasion tested
  • Resistant to stains and easy to clean
  • The plastic surface finish is used by leading vehicle manufacturers
  • Highly waterproof multiplex core
  • High crash resistance strength
  • Ideal for all vehicles

    Suitable for Globelyst in-vehicle and MaxxiSpaceframe equipment installations